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Pain Management-PMR positions GA, ID, NC, NJ, TX

Med Staff Matters, LLC is a Physician Recruitment firm with key personnel having over twenty years of physician recruiting experience. We specialize in physician recruitment, and we have an inventory of opportunities, and the ability to search for a position based on your special parameters. There is no cost to the physician candidate.

If you have an interest in these positions, or if you would like me to conduct a search at no charge, please contact Rick Clark 800-538-4140 or email [email protected]

Additional opportunities at www.medstaffmatters.com

Georgia Interventional Pain Position:

There is a large Rehab hospital in GA that is looking for an interventional physiatrist. The vast majority of the practice would be musculoskeletal rehab and pain, but they would also like someone that would be willing to see patients with neurological issues on an outpatient setting. Stroke, neuromuscular, maybe amputee, interface with occ. med. The practice would be building, so the component of neuro/other besides musculo-pain would be estimated to be a maximum of 20-25% once established. It is a large provider, so if you have interests beyond musculoskeletal and pain that might be feasible to do. Regional population 200,000.

Idaho Interventional Pain position:

Group of spine surgeons seeks interventional pain physiatrist to work in satellite office in Twin Falls. Do full range of pain procedures including cervicals ,EMG, and outpatient rehab. Base and bonus.

New Jersey-NYC Rehab Opportunity: Two positions

1) Group of five physiatrists, and one Internal Medicine physician with offices in NJ, and the Bronx seeks another physiatrist to bring a new skill set into the group. Consults shared at hospitals. Ideal candidate could do one or more of these: osteopathic manipulations, acupuncture, pain procedures. Group has a component of about 20-30% chronic pain patients. Base bonus, and partnership. Position will be based in New Jersey close to NYC.

2)Solo PMR Pain seeks Interventional PMR for practice development and partnership. Practice fully booked need second Pain PMR. Base in 200’s plus bonus, and partnership track. Buy in of surgi center also optional.

North Carolina Pain Rehab Opportunity:

The Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation seeks a rehabilitation specialist with interventional skills to enhance services at the Musculoskeletal and Spine Clinic, in conjunction with Physicians Neurosurgical and Spine Physicians. The clinic provides ultrasound and fluoroscopic guidance for musculoskeletal procedures, with therapists onsite. Opportunities are available for the performance of EMG, SSEP, VEP, phenol blocks, and staffing our employee health clinic. Research is a valuable asset, and the desired candidate will participate in didactics with residents, rotating medical students, and occasional research students. The Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is housed within the Regional Rehabilitation Center with Spinal Cord, Brain Injury, and Pediatric Rehabilitation Units. Much of our work is done with regional satellite facilities. We also provide services at a Level I Trauma Center, and a CARF-accredited seventy-five bed LTACH facility. This part of North Carolina is a beautiful coastal plain region, with ready access to crystal beaches and a variety of cultural and recreational activities.

1)The position would be within an hour-hour and a half of Dallas, partnership track, typically a new physician is offered partnership after 1 yr. Starting salary (usually 200-250K) and then you get all of your collections after overhead is paid. Your salary is essentially a loan against yourself and your collections. Overhead is calculated based on collections with higher collectors paying larger percentage. Partnership buy in is typically 15-25K and will then get you an opportunity to buy into the physician owned hospital. Typically do 14-18 in a half day. Comp range varies depending on your work load plus additional income from hospital ownership. Other pain doctors in the area who are 100% pain and doing stimulators and pumps are taking home 650K+. We have our own physical therapy, occupational therapy, bone density, and extremity MRI. NOTE they want someone who can do spinal cord stimulators, and pumps.

2)I have a new opportunity in Texas that might be of interest. There is a pain practice made up of a Physiatrist who has an established practice. Last year he hired another and brought him into the area and set him up. That pain physician has now gone off on his own, though they still share office space, and staff united to keep costs down, and market share up. He is now ready to bring a new pain PMR into the area, and start the person up in a similar manner. He is also planning to open a surgi center in the near future. You could be an employee on base and bonus with buy in, or go out on your own in time as well. The location is about half way between Dallas-Ft Worth, and Austin-San Antonio. Good stable market with military bases in the region. Good access to all major metro areas. Less competitive area than Austin, or the other metro areas of Texas.

If you have an interest in these positions, or if you would like me to conduct a search at no charge, please contact Rick Clark 800-538-4140 or email [email protected]

Additional opportunities at www.medstaffmatters.com
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