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    Hello dears,
    My name is Song and a medical student in Korea. I am interested in the palliative medicine so I love to study further.

    In UK, I was told and read that the palliative medicine is recognized as a subspecialty and now there's palliative medicine specialized training course (residency and fellowship).

    Sorry for me, in Korea, there's nothing that has been done. But fortunately, the doctors become to care for the dignity of death (of terminal stage patients.)

    I have something to ask you. :)
    #1 Is UK a nice place to get the palliative medicine training?
    #2 How many are there doctors (residency or fellowship) in that field?
    #3 Which college, or Professor is famous or the best in the palliative medicine?
    #4 Which do you choose to be the specialist of palliative medicine, Internal medicine or Family medicine?

    It is my dream which I hope to fulfill.
    If there's anybody to help me, I will appreciate very much. Thank you all.
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