Parkinson Disease Research at NYCOM?

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - DO' started by roger2004, Dec 14, 1999.

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    Does anyone have any specifics on the research going on at NYCOM in regard to Parkinson's Disease? I haven't being able to get any details on this but it sounds very interesting. Thanks



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    Glad to see you are still hanging around here. I accidentally deleted your last email - sorry! Re-mail me at the pcom address.

    The head of the parkinson research team receently gave one of lectures if you want I will dig out the scribe notes and mail them to you - let me know.

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    Dec 21, 1998
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    Here goes, you are getting the abbreviated version of the lecture b/c I have a neuro exam on tues. and have already hit panic mode:

    Claudia McCarty, DO
    Asst. professor of OMM @ NYCOM
    The following is based on PCOM scribe notes from Dr. McCarty's lecture.

    Parkinson's - neurodegenerative disease. 4th most common disease of the elderly

    Symptoms: forward posture, shuffling gait, mask like facies, dorsiflexion, decreased blinking, neck and throat muscle stiffness, resting tremor, postural instability...

    Diagnosis:no widely available test. Must be Dx by a neurologist using the Unified Parkinson's Disease Rating Scale.

    Treatment:pharmocologic - can't cure disease but can slow progression
    Surgical - no longer popular due to better drugs

    Integration of OMT: can improve: musculoskelatal dysfunction
    body awareness
    increase flekibility, mobility, strength & balance
    decrease injury risk
    increase ability to perform activities of daily living

    NYCOM Project
    Working Hypothesis
    The physical symptoms expressed by patients with Parkinson's seems to excede the strict neurological deficit.
    Physical treatment methods can substantially improve the patients physical functioning and the quality of life.

    research components of treatment:
    Osteopathic manipulative medicine examination, diagnosis and treatment; physical therapy; proprioceptive training; strength training; flexibility training; follow-up with wellness care.

    Current OMM research shows significant improvement in patients:
    19% - felt the same
    41% - no comment
    1% - said they were worse
    39% - said their overall condition improved

    Measurements of changes of condition:
    selected pts. received 3D gait analysis in biomechanics lab - electrodes are placed at different points - patient walks - electrodes are tracked - makes a little stick figure interpretation of gait. Parameter = arm swing, knee extensioon and toe lift.

    OMT is able to improve gait maximum linear velocity:
    shoulder motion improved by 16%
    no significant change in the wrist
    Improvment in hip 17-18%
    " " in knee 18-20%
    " " in ankle 14-16%

    OMT + PT = increased wrist motion as well as those listed above, gait patterns at knee beome closer to normal.

    Techniques used:
    originally muscle energy only.
    Latest project includes many techniques(Rog, some other time)

    research is done in twelve week segments, afer research is done patient is retested at 4, 8, and 12 weeks - without any further treatment the improvement lasts 8 weeks until maintenence is needed.

    Dr McCarty's definition of Osteopathy:
    The privilege of holding humanity in hands trained by those who came before us and driven by the healing forces within us.

    Rog, Good luck tomorrow!! If you have any questions about this email me at home - [email protected] My NYCOM traveling advice: LEAVE PLENTY OF TIME TO GET THERE!!!!! Took me over 2 hours from Paramus -- there was a car fire on the L.I.E. the day I went out there on top of normal traffic - I got there about three minute before the assigned time (I like to leave my self an hour to chill out) almost had a heart attack.

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    Dr. McCarthy's defintion of osteopathy makes it sound scary!

    Do you know what was the size of the group being tested?

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