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Part 2 Score Report March 07

Discussion in 'NBDE Exams & Licensure Exams' started by mesh, Apr 8, 2007.

  1. mesh

    mesh Junior Member 2+ Year Member

    May 28, 2006
    Hi Guys,
    I took my part 2 exam on the 19th and 20th of March.Was wondering if anyone who appeared for their exam in March besides me and have received their score report??
    Thanks and Good luck :thumbup:
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  3. DDS 1

    DDS 1 Guest

    Nov 25, 2006
    I also took Part II 2 weeks ago and I am still waiting for the results. On ADA's website it says that scores will be sent in 3-4 weeks. So we have to wait 1-2 weeks more.
    Good luck and HAPPY EASTER! :luck:
  4. godbless

    godbless 7+ Year Member

    Dec 15, 2005
    hey mesh and dds 1,
    I also took my part 2 on april 3rd and do you guys think you did the exam?was second day a little tough for u guys as well??how many percentage of qs on first day do you think you got correct? I am a little concerned as I think I didnt do that good on day 2 exam.......options were really close and I wasnt sure what is the best answer for most qs :rolleyes:
    does it really take 3-4 weeks for score report always?? some people say they get their scores in a week or 10 days, how the heck does it happen????
  5. mesh

    mesh Junior Member 2+ Year Member

    May 28, 2006
    ummm yea they say it takes 3 to 4 weeks
    well the 2nd day exam is tough cuz the radiographs are jacked up they are all black i wonder what we are supposed to see in um honestly anyhow good luck
  6. DrNeha16

    DrNeha16 2+ Year Member

    Nov 1, 2006
    Hi mesh,DDS 1and godbless
    I will be giving NBDE 2 exam in a month. I will appreciate if u could guide as which material u think is good to prepare for exam. Are decks and old papers sufficient. Did u studied any addition material ? What type of question do they ask on second day?
    your advice will be helpful to all students who are preparing for part2
  7. prachi

    prachi Member 5+ Year Member

    Aug 8, 2005
    I took my Nbde 2 on the 7th and 8th of March. Received my score about 4 weeks later. I scored 83...I am satisfied with my score but i dont know where I stand.
    What do you guys think?
  8. akka

    akka Junior Member 2+ Year Member

    Apr 2, 2006
    Do you know what the percentage of questions do you need to get right on both days in order to pass? I took exam yesterdy and today and feel like i failed, so far most questions i checked i got wrong. At home i was scoring around 54-55% with cases questions combined and about 53% just on the first 400 questions. Your feedback would be great, thanks.
    In therms of where you stand, you are above national average and I dont know what you need these scores for, but for part these are considered good!
  9. prachi

    prachi Member 5+ Year Member

    Aug 8, 2005
    Hi all. Thanks Akka for your feedback.To answer your question, on the practise tests I was scoring anywhere between 65 and 73.

    A reply tp all the pm's-
    . I studied the decks once before the papers, but cudnt retain much from the decks.hence didnt find them helpful at all. I think the exams are most important.
    For doubts, i did refer a few text books. I gave the decks a once over after finishing the exams. No kaplan.

    I think 2 months study is more than ample time. And I got my result in the 4th week.Hope this info helps
  10. godbless

    godbless 7+ Year Member

    Dec 15, 2005
    i dunt understand how some people get their scores in a week or two and some receive it after 4 weeks???????:confused: :mad: ......this wait is too much esply when you are hitting some deadlines but still without the scores :(
    what is the average time for receiving the scores for part 2,please reply guys???
    I am kinda frustated right now and wudnt be able to answer any qs/pms about part 2 preparation,I hope you guys can understand.thanks
  11. molar19

    molar19 Junior Member 2+ Year Member

    Jun 9, 2006
    hi godbless and prachi

    could you please share with us how did u prepare for part2:

    1 for how many months did u study and how many hours a day

    2. what all material did u use.

    3. how did u find part2 different from part1


  12. mesh

    mesh Junior Member 2+ Year Member

    May 28, 2006
    79% is my result not happy was aiming for an 80 anyways.
  13. dds_aspirant

    dds_aspirant 2+ Year Member

    Apr 15, 2006
    Congratulations to you.Its a good score. You did this in very short time.

    good luck for your future
  14. DDS NO 1

    DDS NO 1 2+ Year Member

    Mar 10, 2007
    It is a good score for part II... congratulation mesh..
  15. akka

    akka Junior Member 2+ Year Member

    Apr 2, 2006
    How were you scoring at home? and what was average on all your parts on the exam that brought you to a 79. I took the exam last week and scared that ididnt make it. Just wanted to get an idea. Thanks
  16. DDS 1

    DDS 1 Guest

    Nov 25, 2006
    Now get the certificate and move on to "the next stage of the play".
    Relax, celebrate, take it easy, 50% mission accomplished!
    Good luck in your carrer! :luck:
  17. drika11

    drika11 5+ Year Member

    Mar 29, 2007
    Los Angeles
    Hi Mesh I am stoked for you! Congrats ! I was wondering if you could please help me out with these questions please!
    Please correct me if I am wrong!!!!!!!!!
    18. Each is associated with gastric limitation except:
    20. The best reason to place an RPD over an FPD:
    32. Who do you treat a vital 2nd molar with a 1.5mm exposure on a 12-year old patient:
    Apexinogenesis ???????
    33. Bonding on a tooth does all except:
    chemical bonding --------ans

    51. What composite is ideally used for a class V restoration:
    hybrid because it polishes better--------ans

    61. What part of the mouth are metastases most common:
    floor of mouth -----------ans
    62. The greatest decrease in radiation to the patient’s gonads is achieved by:
    67. When will the BULL rule be used with selective grinding:
    working side ------------ans
    74. Treatment of choice for a 7-year old child with a non-vital permanent 1st molar:
    83. A sedative drug like hydroxyzine, meperidine, and diazepam are carried in the blood in:
    plasma ptn--------------ans
    93. A lateral Bennett angle shift is most likely to be affected by:
    facial lingual steep incline.-----------ans
    99. In-office bleaching changes the shade via, EXCEPT:
    surface demineralization-----------ans
    102 What decreases the radiation to gonadal tissues?
    a. collimation
    b. lead apron ???????????
    105. A 9-year old patient whose 2nd primary mandibular molar is lost. Treat this patient with
    a distal shoe--------ans
    169. when you seal carious lesions what happens with bacterial pop?
    a. remains the same
    b. stop ?????????
    193. Patient complains of pain in the area and radiographically there is a “floating tooth”:
    eosinophilc granuloma----------ans
    220. The most common cause of failure of a Class II amalgam on a primary molar:
    insufficient isthmus width
    insuficient depth-------ans

    1. If a torus removal must be performed on a patient with a full-mouth dentition, the incision is made at: a.torus midline.
    a. directly over the most prominent part of the torus--------ans
    b.from gingigval sulcus of adjacent teeth

    2)which of the following characteristics of autism presents a major obstacle to successful dental management of an ambulatory patient
    lack of communication---------ans
    d. automation, such as hair twirling and body rocking
    3) which of the following injuries to the teeth MOST often results in pulpal necrosis
    a. intrusive luxation----------------ans
    4) where you can find dental literature online?
    a. MEDLINE---------------ans
    b. lexus
    c. dental literature online
    d. dental abstract

    5)Small white lesion on the tooth the patient’s whole life. What caused it?
    a. Hypercalcification during the first 6-12 months----------------ans
    6)When dealing with furcation, Guided tissue regeneration best used with Osseointegrated bone graft. Prognosis of tooth with GTR is better in Mx molar than with Mnd molar.
    # True or False of each statement ??????????

    7)What is used to chk bone volume radiograph:
    8)tearing of the flap is MOST commonly
    c.semilunar incision------------------ans
    9) the major cause of EPULIS FISSURATUM IS?
    ill fitting denture---ans
    traumatic tissue
    overextended denture
    10) previously rct’d tooth has microleakage which has minimal effect; this is because most rcts have a hermetic seal?
    All true,
    all false
    11) alveoloplasty with excessive flap reflection, with primary closure what is the sequelae?
    a.Shortened vestibule,
    b.removed too much bone,
    c. post op infection
    12) At atomic level X ray photos loose energy by?
    1)bremstrahlung interactions-------------ans
    2)Collision with other photos
    3)compton and photoelectric process
    4)spontaneous disintergration and mutation of photon energy
    5)collision with nuclus of the absorbing atom.
    13) Why is the surgical stent required for an immediate denture?
    a. to give an idea of the anatomy of the region------------ans
    b. to prevent hematoma
    14) what continues to grow?
    a. alveolar bone and roof of the orbit
    b. alveolar bone and pterygomaxillary suture---ans
    15)a survey at the end of the class is representative of
    b.x sectional--------ans
    16) A maxillary first molar is extruded 4 mm into the opposing space of a missing mandibular first molar.
    To restore this you would
    a) restore the maxillary molar with a crown before constructing fixed partial denture in the lower arch----ans
    b) extract maxillary molar and restore both with fixed partial dentures
    c) do occlusal grinding of maxillary molar to adjust occlusal plain
    d) construct removable partial denture
    17) what does Miliamperage does to intensity when doubled?
    It will be double--------------ans
    18) which of the following do you not need premed for
    root plane
    placing ortho bands
    adjusting fixed appliances---------------------ans
    19) There usually is no lesion apparent radiographically in acute apical periodontitis. However, histologically bone destruction has been noted.
    a. Both statements are true -------------Ans
    b. Both statements are false.
    c. First statement is true, second is false.
    d. First statement is false, second is true.
    20) At what age are all primary teeth normally in occlusion.
    1)1.5-2 years
    2)2.5-3 years--------------------Ans
    21) all associated with gastric limitation except
    22) the office bleaching changes the shade through all except
    2)etching tooth
    3)oxidation of colorant
    4)surface deminearalization.........ans
    23) asprin stops pain by
    1)stoping the upward transduction of pain signal in the spinal cord
    2)syopping the signal transduction in the cortex
    3)interfering with the signal trasnduction in the cns
    4)stopping local signal transduction and production
    24) when a dentist inserts new dentures in the patients mouth there is obvious occlusal disharmony what is the cause
    1)initial vertical dimension
    2)the casts are mounted on wrong hinge axis....ans
    25) Which of the following muscles has two separate functions in mandibular movement?
    A. Masseter.
    B. Geniohyoid.
    C. External (lateral) pterygoid....ans
    D. Buccinator
    26) how would you treat surgically skeletal open bite
    anterior max surgery
    lefort 1 ............ans
    lefort 2
    27) current technique for reducing pocket depth except?
    a. gingivectomy.............ans
    b. gingival curretage
    c. s&R
    d. debridement surgery
    e. osseous surgery
    28) Implant retained complete denture.How many implants wil you place
    2 max 2 man
    4 max 2 man
    29) which of the following not used to restore incisal edge of tooth
    a. micro hybrid
    b. macrofilled
    c. hybrid...ans
    d. microfilled

    25. After implant placement, an edentulous patient should:
    b.wear an immediate denture to protect the implant sites---------------ans
    26. Tissue condition is used for treating:
    a.inflammatory papillary hyperplasia ------------------ans
    b. epulis fissuratum
    c. traumatized mucosa

    58. what happens with Inter-canine distance after the mixed dentition.
    a. increase----------------------------ans

    64. Which cells are most sensitive to radiotherapy:

    74. Aspirin stops pain by
    a.interfering with signal interpretation in the CNS.----------------------ans
    b.stop the upward transduction of pain signal in the spinal cord
    c. stop the local signal production and transduction
    80. Which is not a characteristic of Additional Silicones:
    a.impression must be poured right away because alcohol would vaporize and cause distortion.------------ans
    b. very stable, can be stored for more than a week
    c. can have multiple pours,
    d. high accuracy
    e. may release H2 in some materials-----------------ans
  18. ambitious

    ambitious 5+ Year Member

    Aug 29, 2006
    you have answered many questions correctly. Here are some of the correct answers that you missed.
    32-Apexogenesis, 61-Mandible, 62- lead apron,74- apexification, 93- mesodistal incline, 99-Etching, 102-lead apron, 105-Band and loop, 169- stop/arrested, 193-malignancy and osteomyelitis, 3-avulsion(if avulsion is not there as an answer choice then Intrusive luxation), 6-both true, 10-all false, 12-3, 18-placing ortho bands, 22-2,23-3, 28-2 max 2 mand
    good luck with your exam.

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