part-time and research-combined residencies?

Discussion in 'Clinical Rotations' started by Seal, Jun 30, 2001.

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    I just read "A Woman in Residence" by Dr. Michelle Harrison, who described her experiences as a single mother going through an OB-GYN residency later in life. She mentioned that there were such things as part-time residencies. When she wrote the book, apparently these residencies were rare and not really accepted by the medical community. Is this still the case now? Are there actually part-time residencies in all fields, or are these residencies still very uncommon and limited to primary care?

    I am also curious about research during residency. I know that some residency programs encourage and even allow time for research, but are there combined-research programs that have, say 3 years of clinical practice but a whole year of a post-doc type of research?
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    Rare - yes in Surgery and Surgical specialties. They are most prevalent in primary care, "family friendly" specialties. Sometimes they require that you "share" a position - ie, they must accept 2 people into one position which obviously means they have to have more than 1 applicant willing to work part-time.

    You can search for part-time residencies at

    best of luck.

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