Pass/Fail a science course (non-prereq)

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Dec 18, 2015
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I've finished all the pre-reqs for medical school and recently got a full time job offer for business related position. I accepted it and want to P/F this genetics class that I am taking right now. I did not do very well in it in the beginning and don't see the point of taking it anymore if I have decided to take a break from pursuing medical school. I want to explore other fields before taking a decision of whether med school is for me because I am struggling a lot with bio classes (but did pretty well in majority of my physical science classes).

Will P/F this genetics class affect me later on if I want to go back to that route (probably not within 3 years though)? I know for sure I will have to do a post-bacc if I do go back (GPA 3.4). Also, this is my first time hearing it too but someone was telling that med schools calculate a Passed science class as a D?

Thank you!

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