MD & DO Pass/Fail vs Letter Grades in Pre-Clinical Years

Dec 20, 2019
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I was curious about the differences between these two curriculum styles. Does your school do pass/fail or use letter grades? Do you think you would have changed your study style if your school was a letter grade system instead of pass/fail (or vice-versa)? If your school does use letter grades, how large of an impact does it make while applying to residencies if you got straight A's vs straight B's or C's?

I know STEP I going P/F had a huge impact, but I've never really heard too much about pass/fail vs numerical scores in the pre-clinical years.


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Jul 11, 2013
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To assuage any fears or concerns you may have: no one gives a roasting crap about your preclinical grades. The only things they care about from preclinicals is step and AOA. After p/f, it'll be AOA.

The advantages of preclinical P/F are purely psychological.
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