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Aug 5, 2002
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Hey. I'm a current(ie. new) psych intern at a large, prestigious program which shall remain nameless and I'm having some career second thoughts. I was actually waffling between psych(eventually going into neuropsych), neurology, or neuropathology and I picked psych. I'm now reconsidering and looking back into neuropathology. Being a current path resident, what would you give my chances of matching alright if I go through the match again this year? I have solid board scores but I didn't have any path letters of recommendation when I applied the first time. Would you recommend taking some time off prior to applying and doing some path research first? I understand that I probably wouldn't match into a path program at an equal level of prestige to the psych program that I'm at now(relatively speaking), but my goal would be to match to at least an upper-mid tier path program. Thanks.


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Mar 23, 2001
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You shouldn't have any real problems switching. My program with I would classify as a upper mid level program takes folks just like you all the time. I wouldn't take time off.

Neuropath is a relatively easy fellowship to get into right now as well.

Good luck.
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