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May 4, 2008
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My school is organ based so there is no dedicated pathology course. I follow along in Robbin's and noticed that for every organ system there are a hand full of diseases that are never covered. The general pathology chapters are also not covered very well (covered in fragments as they pertain to the organs). I was wondering if other people at organ based schools also have this problem? And is it worth it to read those general path chapters of Robbins? Thanks!


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Jun 1, 2007
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Sure, we miss a few things. Then again, there are a few things we cover in excessive detail moreso than Robbins has. I think that's the nature of the beast -- Robbins is great but some of its details are unnecessary unless you're becoming a pathologist.

We covered some of the major topics in the first half of Robbins in our initial organ class which was sort of hematology/oncology. I think it's worth a read but then again, parts of it would be pretty boring in lecture format...
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