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Nov 6, 2004
Does anyone know of any decent and usable patient tracking software that's free for pocket pc? Or even a good one for pay? I just think that it would be easier and more organized to keep patient's daily info and to-do lists on a pocket pc than to keep a bunch of paper with patient data.


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Apr 29, 2004

For patient tracker, there is "patient tracker", which I don't really like but some people do. There is an app called Phatnotes where you can keep all your notes well organized in tree-like structures. It is not free but it's cheap.

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May 8, 2004
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I resorted to excel spreadsheet for my logs during intern year. not the best solution but fairly easy to input on a pda.

daily notes were much easier to just handwrite on the census and hang onto the papers. much faster to find stuff than to pull out the pda and wait for it to boot up, your attendings will get annoyed fast waiting for answers.
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