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What is Problem-Based Learning (aka PBL)? What is the difference between that and a traditional curriculum? and finally, what are the advantages/disadvantages of a PBL curriculum?



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from what i understand PBL is just that: problem based. you gather in small groups and are presented with a case (ie. a 53 yo caucasian male presents with x, y and z complaints. so and so tests give positive results, while so and do tests give negative results, etc.) and you must do your own research as a group to figure out what's going wrong, and by doing that you learn how stuff works.

traditional is the standard lectures, etc.

personally i prefer traditional. maybe someone knows more about PBL and traditional and they'll post more info.


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Mar 22, 2002
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pbl advantages: solve more like you would in a work setting, get perspectives you might not get if you only studied alone, see the body as a system, more fun, easier to be engaged in subjectmatter

pbl disadvantages: group work can be extremely ineffective at times, one weak/noncooperative team member can really bring the whole group down, still need to have time to learn the basics on your own so will have to spend a lot of time doing that outside of class

at least that's how i see it. i'm applying for the first time this year. hopefully when i interview i will get a better feeling of how it works and whether or not people like it. right now i'm thinking i'd like to go to a school with some pbl but not a lot of it.
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