For Sale *PCAT 2016!! Dr. Collins and Kaplan PCAT books for sale. Great condition

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Aug 21, 2013
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Hey everyone.
If any of you are planning to take the PCAT soon I have the Dr. Collins and Kaplan PCAT books available. Price for both of them together is $180.

The Dr. Collins book is a 2014-2015 version. Includes all sections: reading comp, biology, verbal, chemistry, and math. Has minimal marks. This book is the best prep for the chemistry and math sections! I remember there were several questions that were similar to the questions on the PCAT. Seriously, do not take the PCAT without studying a Dr. Collins book!

Kaplan book is 2015-2016 edition. This is MORE than good enough for biology. They also have a lot of great test taking strategies which were a great help for me. Has plenty of information for all the PCAT sections.
Includes: study sheets for Ochem, Gen Chen, bio, biochem, and test strategies; practice exams, and practice questions. No marks on any pages.

Please message if you're interested! If you want I can send you some pictures.
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