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    Apr 18, 2000
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    Help, I've been accepted to both schools and have really been agonizing over the decision of which one to go to. I liked both of them. Which one would help in the long run, in terms of getting good rotations and residency? Would they both be considered within the top 5 DO schools, if there were such a list? Thanks you!
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  3. I've never been to COMP, but I can tell you that my interview experience at PCOM was incredible. For me there is no other choice if they'll accept me.

    They mentioned to me that they have affiliations all over the country, and their program is so arduous most allopathic residencies will accept their 5th year rotating internship towards the first year of residency.

    On second thought... They haven't accepted me yet... You better go to COMP and free up another space to make room for me. ;-)

    W. (Who is hoping and praying to be accepted to PCOM by Christmas)
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    Jan 11, 2000
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    if you have reeealy good stats go to COMP!
    i'll need a challenge come August.
    just kidding. WesternU's medschool has been composed of extremely capable students in a highly-ranked osteopathic program.

    actually, both schools are good. time to be selfish and find out what YOU want. both can place you in great residencies.

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    This is the same message I posted in another thread:

    I have been accepted to all three of those schools, plus UNECOM and KCOM. I am going to COMP. The fact that its in California was important because that's where I'm from. The grads get good residencies from notch med schools like UCSF, UC Davis, UCI, and Loma Linda. They have a new curriculum that I was impressed with during the interview. Hopefully the new library is nice because i didn't like the fact that there was not place to study late at night. The student:cadaver ration is 4:1, which is alot lower that UHS and PCOM. For me, it was a hard decision between COMP and UNECOM. I loved UNECOM, but the ethnic diversity was not great.
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    The ratio at PCOM is 5:1 actually, not much difference. Our instructors are very helpful for the most part - one is assigned to about six table. This may sound like a lot of students for them to cover, but it is over a three hour period.
  7. PV1


    anybody receive any info. in the mail from COMP after returning the deposit and acceptance? i am still waiting to get something in the mail. its been about two weeks.

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