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Sep 3, 2002
washington dc
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I need some advice with my mcat scores....

April 2000 8V 7P 5B "L"
April 2002 6V 7P 8B "O"
Aug. 2002 7V 7P 5B "N"

Does anybody think that I even have a chance at getting into PCOM? Right now I am in a master's program getting my MBS and have over a "B" average. PCOM is my number one choice, and I really want to go there. However, does anyone think that this is possible??? Thanks :confused:


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Oct 8, 2002
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If PCOM is your first choice, now is the time to start bothering the Admissions Department. I'll assume that you have your AACOMASS in as well as your secondary. If not, DO SO NOW!!! They've already started interviewing.

Of course you have a chance. You are not a number at PCOM - something that you may not believe - but it's true. PCOM is different. Mrs. Machiavelli (D.O.) can vouch for that...

Contact them and ask to speak with someone. Let them know that you have applied to several DO schools but PCOM is your first choice and you want to see if they need any more information from you as they consider your application.

PCOM is a great school, and the DO philosophy is so much better than MD. Read everything you can, talk to PCOM alumni and shadow a DO. You'll find that there's much more to Osteopathic medicine beyond the keywords "holistic" and "family medicine".

Best of luck,


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Feb 4, 2000
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I agree to a point with the above poster.

Your file has much more than just an MCAT score. Make sure that those things are highlighted.

Your 19 is low. I don't know anyone in medical school with a 19, but that doesn't mean that there aren't people that got that score...no one talks about MCAT scores once you're in.

I would really familiarize yourself with osteopathic medicine and try to get some people on your side to write good letters for you.

Most importantly, stay positive and don't give up.

Good luck.
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