Pediatric Neurology

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May 28, 2003
    I need help. I have decided that I want to go into pediatric neurology and don't have nearly the information I need to begin applying next year. Unfortunately there isn't anyone at my school that is familiar with peds neuro. Since there is no central application agency for peds neuro its making my quest for info more difficult. One of my most pressing questions is the following...Do I only apply to pediatric programs that ALSO have a peds neuro fellowship in hopes that that will increase my chances of getting into their peds programs. I've heard that peds neuro is far from competitive. Also, if I apply to a peds program that does NOT have a peds neuro fellowship do I hide the fact that I will most likely leave after PGY 2 since peds neuro fellowship only requires two years of peds residency? If ANYONE has any idea on this subject or the name or website of someone who might it would be greatly appreciated.
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