Pediatric specialties and malpractice insurance (for HiFi and others!)

Discussion in 'Pediatrics' started by jargon124, Dec 9, 2002.

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    Hi all. I have a question regarding malpractice insurance rates for pediatric specialists. I have heard the lawsuit risk is high in fields such at neonatology. I'm interested to know how big a problem this is for peds specialists in neonatology, oncology, cardiology, etc. Is it as bad as the situation for OB/GYN's? Thanks in advance for your comments!
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    I don't know to what extent these rates are representative (they are probably a good comparison within their own data set but not to rates overall given the 1st year discounts and local market variations that are included, if you know what I mean), but it suggests that OB/GYN rates are WAY higher than neonatology ($1,458.00 vs. $407.00), although this is still higher than most pediatric specialties and pediatrics itself ($214-339). Perinatology is also high at $1,127.00 so I guess the extent to which the practice is neonatal vs. perinatal would determine the ultimate amount.

    Data from the above site:

    Based on L.A./Orange County, CA rates. Other Counties and States have lower premiums.

    Administrative Medicine $181.00
    Allergy $165.00
    Anesthesiology $370.00
    Anesthesiology (Pain Management only) $276.00
    Aviation Medicine $181.00
    Bariatrics $220.00
    Cardio Disease (no card. Cath) $279.00
    Cardio Disease (w/card. Cath) $332.00
    Cardiac Surgeon $921.00
    Colon & Rectal Surgery $686.00
    Critical Care $308.00
    Dermatology (w/lipo & elective cosmetic surg) $674.00
    Dermatology (no lipo or no elective cos. surg.) $226.00
    Dermatology [w/no surgery] 190.00
    Diagnostic Radiology (R & L Heart) $407.00
    Diagnostic Radiology (R Heart only, no ultrasound) $276-304
    Emergency Medicine $714.00
    Endocrinology $279.00
    FP/GP (office surgery/assist only) $310.00
    FP/GP (major surgery/no OB) $686.00
    FP/GP (major surgery/w/OB (rural) $908.00
    FP/GP (intermediate surgery) $310.00
    FP/GP (advanced intermediate surgery) $575.00
    Forensic Pathology $181.00
    Gastroenterology $368.00
    Gastroenterology [w/no surgery] $292.00
    Gastroenterology [w/surgery] $368.00
    General Preventive Medicine $195.00
    General Surgery $987.00
    GYN only $644.00
    Hand and Foot Surgery $886.00
    Infectious Disease $279.00
    Industrial Medicine $465.00
    Internal Medicine (R & L Heart) $378.00
    Internal Medicine (R Heart only) $223.00
    Internal Medicine (Hematology/Oncology) $279.00
    Medical Corp/Partnership % of premium
    Medical Genetics (no amnio) $244.00
    Neonatology $407.00
    Nephrology $279.00
    Neurological Surgery $1,564.00
    Neurology (no ECT) $308.00
    Neurology (W/ECT) $440.00
    No surgery specialties $214.00
    Nuclear Medicine $223.00
    OB/GYN $1,458.00
    Occupational Medicine $165.00
    Ophthalmology (no surgery/office only) $195.00
    Ophthalmology (surgery/No Keratotomy or elective) $214.00
    Ophthalmology (W/Keratotomy & elective surgery) $424.00
    Oral/Maxillofacial Surgery $674.00
    Orthopaedic Surgery $982.00
    Otolaryngology (no cosmetics) $483.00
    Otolaryngology (w/cosmetic surgery) $719.00
    Pathology $286.00
    Pediatric Allergy $214.00
    Pediatric Cardiology (w/no coronary angio) $244.00
    Pediatric Cardiology (w/coronary angio) $339.00
    Pediatrics $339.00
    Perinatology $1,127.00
    Physical Medicine & Rehab $165.00
    Plastic Surgery $985.00
    Podiatry $576.00
    Proctology $576.00
    Psychiatry (no ECT) $165.00
    Psychiatry (w/ECT) $308.00
    Public Health $165.00
    Pulmonary Medicine $368.00
    Rheumatology $279.00
    Surgery Center Per surgery/minimum premium
    Thoracic Surgery (no cardio) $686.00
    Thoracic Surgery (including cardio) $930.00
    Urgent Care Per patient/minimum premium
    Urology $554.00
    Undersea Medicine $214.00


    The above listed rates are a summary of preferred carriers licensed to do business in the State of California. Since Los Angeles and Orange County rates are the highest in all companies, these rates are based on those counties. The premiums for other counties are slightly less. All 1st year premiums have been discounted 75% and the net amounts are shown.
  3. Mine is paid for by my employer.
    When I was job hunting last year, I believe every single place I looked had malpractice coverage included as a benefit.

    In terms of insurance premiums, it varies widely from state to in Detroit there are giant billboards that say 1-877-I-SUE-BIG. Southern michigan is a med mal minefield ( as is South Floride and some other states )

    Remember the number one rule of Medicine:
    The Greater the save, the higher the likelihood you'll be sued for something inconsequential!

    My own personal observation and belief is that people sue a*s holes, even if they are very good physicians.
    I have long since had an interest in factors that are involved in lawsuits , and am familiar with several involving doctors that I know.
    It seems to me that people do not usually sue doctors that they like, even if the doc is a total quack.
    I have seen enough quacks out in practice, that are worshipped by their patients.
    I have also seen some brilliant people get sued for bad outcomes that had nothing to do with them.
    Bad bedside manner. Not talking to families. Not LISTENING to families concerns. Covering up mistakes, or appearing to do so: These are reasons people sue. Most people are not greedy, despite the influences of scum sucking malpractice vampires trying to get some fangs into them

    Many people sue just so they can find out what happened to their loved one, or to get an apology.

    It's a scary thought to own up to mistakes ( which everybody makes )given the legal environment, but I think honesty is the best policy.

    I will leave you with a phrase passed onto me from an attending last year,( originally from Arnold J Rudolph, MD...late great professor of Pediatrics and Neonatology at Baylor...and author of Rudolph's atlas of Neonatology)

    " If you tell your patients the truth, you never have to try and remember what story you told them yesterday"
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    When your looking into malpractice rates, remember that they differ widely between states. California has comparably lower malpractice rates than many states because they passed a tort reform bill in the 70's. In Illinois Ob/Gyn is about 50-60K per year for a premium. In Florida, its 150K average. Pediatrics is a level 1 risk catagory (Ob/Gyn level 6, EM level 5). So insurance in general is low. Your best bet to get specifics on malpractice rates is to ask the faculty at your school or at hospitals you are looking at for residency. The internet should have specific info also, but I'm not sure where to get it.

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