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Peds residency interviews


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May 5, 2003
    I'm trying to plan my fourth year and was wondering how the interview process works - that is, do Peds programs interview over a particular couple months, or can an interview be anywhere from October to January/February? Is it feasible to take one month off for interviews and schedule all interviews in that one month?

    Also, when's an ideal month to do an acting internship?


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    15+ Year Member
    Mar 5, 2003
      Interviews typicaly start in early November and go till late January early February, but the majority of interviews are during December and January. Most people either take off December or January or else take a very easy and understanding elective that will let them interview whenever they want. It is easy to schedule all you interviews into one month. Some people prefer to spread out the interviews a bit because it gets tiring after while. Most of you rotations will let you take 2-3 days off for interviewing.

      I would do a peds AI in July/August so that you have time to get a letter of rec from your attending and so that the grade will be on you transcript.

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