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Apr 7, 2004
    does anyone know what the exam schedule is like at upenn? (how often, how many per course or module, quizzes?)

    also, what happens if an exam is failed? is a retest offered? repeat the course?

    do students study together? is it a relaxed or competitive atmosphere?

    should exams even be a factor when looking at med schools?



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    Jul 24, 2003
      This definitely should not be a factor in your decision. Penn tends to change the exam schedule and the courses every year based on student feedback. Module one is P/F and module 2 is H/P/F. Your pre-clinical grades factor very little in residency applications, but are a factor in deciding AOA status. There are intense people and relaxed people; same as for every school. People that fail classes are offered remediation and then it is recorded as a Pass on your transcript. I would worry more about financial aid, whether you want to live in Philly, and the residency placement records for each school you're considering. Good luck.


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        PsychNOS is right. Still, I'm going to answer the questions for my year, assuming things aren't going to change greatly for next year (assuming the op is considering coming next year).

        Typically there's one exam per block at the end of the block. For long blocks (like neuro or anatomy) there are multiple exams, like 2 or 3 in the block. Blocks range in length, but a general rule of thumb is about one comprehensive exam per month. This leads to a cycle of binging and purging knowledge, as you just slack after the exams. I prefer it this way :) At least you get some sort of rest!

        If an exam is failed, they often just sort of bump you through. If they want to do something about it, they'll have you write a paper or retake the exam at the end of the semester. If you retake the exam and pass, you get a grade of pass and nobody ever knows that you had to repeat the exam. The only way to fail would be to fail twice, and this very rarely happens.

        Some students are more collaborative than others. It's a mixed bag, and like PsychNOS said, it's going to be the same everywhere on that one. I think there's definately an influence by H/P/F on people's habits in this area, but you can still study with friends if you want to.

        I think the schedule of the first two years can be a factor, but only a minor one. There's much more important things to worry about.

        Good luck!
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