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  1. Hey! I am currently in High School, and very interested in Medicine. My father and mother went to Jefferson Med. School and I am thinking about applying for the 6 year program at Penn state/Jeff. Anyone out there that goes to Jefferson (6 year or not) that can give me some tips or anything. Thanks
  2. Oh yeah by the way. If my GPA for High School for the 6 year prog is 3.7, 1450 SAT, mostly AP including Bio Ap, and Chem AP, and both parents went to Jefferson what are my chances on a scale of 1-10, 10 being best? thanx

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    I'm going to Jeff in 2 wks -

    I heard (rumor only) that they were going to start decreasing the number of people in this program - concerns about maturity, etc. Coincides with the slowly increasing entering age of med students - more and more are 'non-traditionals'.

    Since you are a double legacy, you would probably have a pretty good chance of getting in a smaller program.

    But, going the regular route I think is better - more time to take interesting electives in undergrad, ability to enjoy your self more, and you can get involved in more activities that broaded your horizons. (research, volunteering, etc.)

    Jeff '04

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