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Personal Observations Radiology or Bust

Discussion in 'Radiology' started by Ctrhu, Nov 28, 2002.

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    Nov 9, 2002
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    1. Apply to as many programs as you can. You should be able to judge by your fifth interview how competitive you are. You can cancel the rest. Use your first interview as a test run. Don't make your top choice your first interview.
    2. Audition away rotations can backfire.
    3. Periodic phone calls to your favorite programs letting them know you are still interested don't work. They won't change their minds about how high to rank you.
    4. Use the unfilled listing of programs from the Match the year before. Apply to all of them, you may get lucky.
    5. Should you consider programs on probation. Yes, programs are on probation for many reasons. Baylor in Houston was on probation for many years, mostly because of lack of supervision and teaching at several affiliated facilities. Even if the program goes under, as a resident already in Radiology you will be able to transfer to programs that lost residents for various reasons (family reasons, stress, specialty change etc.) Because you can step in as an upper level resident, can take call and already have a track record based on attending evaluations and In-Training exam scores, you are not an unknown commodity. You likely will be able to get into a program that is much more competitive than you would have gotten in, straight out of medical school.
    6. Don't burn your bridges if you didn't match. Write to the programs that you interviewed at letting them know that you didn't get in and intend to reapply. They will hold you application and may even reconsider you without making you come back for another interview. You would only have to update your bio. This is important because you will be very limited in the amount of time you can take off while doing your internship. First thing to do when you start your internship is to schedule time off in December for interviews.
    7. If you happened not to match and are doing something else like Anesthesia, talk to the Radiology Program Director there. In my institution, we had residents who switched over from Surgery, Orthopedics, Opthalmology etc. Also consider Nuclear Medicine. All radiology residents spend six months doing Nuclear Medicine. The time you spent can be applied to your four years of Radiology training (up to one year) and you will be able to get a Certificate of Added Qualification (CAQ) if you extend your time. In fact, many radiology residents do a fellowship in Nuclear Medicine.

    Please add to the above list your opinions.

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