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Aug 8, 2017
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Hey ladies and gents,

To get to straight to the point; I had a issue with alcohol. It was only after I got sober, that a distinct improvement of my gpa occurred. My application looks relatively competitive aside from my checkered past that will definitely have to be adequately explained. I want to discuss this in my PS.

I do feel to it's important to address my issue as there were some gaps in my academics, (I withdrew from 4 classes one quarter to attend treatment, among other things..) I also feel compelled to discuss it within the context that it was a motivating force in my decision to pursue medicine. As well, I believe I can hold a insider perspective when helping people going through the same experience. Finally, I'll maybe serve as some inspiration to those same individuals considering higher aspirations.

I'm currently 4 years clean. Don't really bother with AA anymore as it doesn't jive with me as much. (Though please attend if you think you may have a problem.) My stress relief these days is exercise and hobbies such as travel, hiking, and reading. Ironically, preparing to apply has been the most fulfilling, not stressful.

Going forward; how should I pose this on my personal statement? I don't plan to make a novel of it. I plan to hold a professional and serious tone throughout. Anyone who applied and openly discussed a issue such as alcohol on their PS, please share or PM with advice.

Really don't need a ton of $hit from people advising against it. Though i'm not the 'lord of the thread.'

Kudos and thanks
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May 29, 2017
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Usually, it's not recommended to address your weakness in your PS. In secondary, you have places to address that anyway if you want.
I think your experience can be incorporated into "diversity essay", "adversity essay" sections, but not necessarily include them to PS.
The issue is, why you want to study medicine because of these experiences? What you told is more likely an issue about what kind of quality you can bring to medicine instead why.


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Jan 24, 2017
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I disagree I've heard straight out of medical school admissions deans mouths to "make it part of your story" and you should be able to "speak to that."
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