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Aug 24, 2015
Resident [Any Field]
Hello all,

To quickly introduce myself, I am currently a resident at the University of Michigan with a B.A. in English. I am very familiar with both the medical school and residency application process and truly believe that the very short opportunity written in your personal statement can make a significant difference on if and where you may interview. When competing with other high achieving (and often similar) individuals, it's important to set yourself a part in every way you can. I wanted to offer a review on personal statements and provide suggestions on strengthening and improving your application. I also wanted to be fair with compensation given that most of you have likely scrapped by on loans (with that whopping 6.8% interest) or are likely preparing yourself for the several hundred to thousand spent on travel and lodging in preparation for residency or medical school interviews.

Cost: $30, payment would likely be through Google Wallet

Other information:
USMLE Step 1: 244
USMLE Step 2:258
USMLE Step 3: 246

Please email me at: [email protected] for any questions or if you're interested in signing up.