PGY-1 as "prior military experience"?


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Jan 3, 2006
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Just was thinking about the scoring card used during the military match process, and I was wondering if a PGY-1 year is considered "previous military experience"? That should give some people more hope of landing a residency spot without doing a FS tour.

I also wanted to know if anyone knows how strictly the program directors follow the score card when choosing applicants. I have heard landing a residency spot can be heavily influenced by who you know in some civilian residencies. How far do connections help in military medicine?


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Feb 27, 2007
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By prior experience they mean outside of medicine. Prior medical experience (ie GMO, utilization) falls under a separate category. Internship gets you nothing (other than not having to do internship in the future).

I can't answer your questions but, from what I've seen, its a fairer system than people give it credit for.
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Internship does get you something. I had a residency classmate who had previously done a stand-alone internship which I did not do. He got promoted a year ahead of me, but more than that, he got a location much higher on his rank list for his first duty station out of civilian residency.
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