PGY-3 Looking for advice: fellowship/career option with no night call


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Dec 16, 2008
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I'm a PGY-3 looking at my fellowship and job options after residency. I've experienced taking night float rotations as well as traditional 24 hour overnight call during residency and I have found these experiences extremely draining. There is just something about working at night that my body just doesn't seem to take very well. I'm trying to decide on my fellowship/job options post residency. Which fellowships or jobs would you advise for me if I want to avoid having to do clinical responsibilities at night? I'm ok with taking a lower salary and doing outpatient work in the future
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Apr 13, 2009
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Probably an outpatient subspecialty in a large academic practice. You'll make less money but residents will be doing all the night and emergency work. You could probably work it out so that you didn't do consult or inpatient time in exchange for more resident clinic, etc.

Outpatient work in a private practice will probably result in some hospital call including ER consults at night. While most of those are typically handled by phone at night and only sometimes require you to go in, they are still disruptive to sleep. If your practice takes stroke call that will be much more of a burden, though more hospitals are going to telestroke hub and spoke models for that.
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