Jan 5, 2017
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I'm baffled.

My application was verified yesterday and was lower than what I had calculated. I calculated my GPA with all original and repeats. When I received my verified GPA it was slightly lower. It turns out PharmCAS included my one WF as a F grade and factored it into my GPA. Apparently, it's their pharmCAS 3.0 platform policy is what I was told.


displays that WF is no longer excluded from pharmCAS GPA.


1.) Verification Process and GPAs – PharmCAS

this link that can be accessed directly through pharmcas.org (preparing to apply > application process > Verification process and GPA's) says that WF are excluded from pharmCAS gpa calculations.

2.) The PharmCAS application for the 2018 Entering Class will be available from this site mid-July 2017 through June 1, 2018. Print the PharmCAS 2017-2018 Instructions for fall 2018 enrollment.

The hyperlink takes you here:


This PDF is also on the PharmCAS website under prepating to Apply > Application Instructions and is labeled and offered for reference for the 2017-2018 cycle and 2018 enrollment.

Is there anything I can do about this? I already sent them the link that says that WF is excluded from pharmCAS gpa before they gave me their 'new 3.0 platform reply'. They still haven't acknowledged the fact that on their website it says the exact opposite.

I'm sorry if I sound whiny but I am frustrated. I already have one official F from my university and it already lowers my GPA's enough, but I own that F because that's the grade I received from my institution the first time I took the class. At the time of my withdrawal my grade was a C- which is why it was calculated as WF (I explained this to them and even sent them a link of my university's withdrawal policy that C- or lower means you must retake the course no matter what). A C- isn't great, but it's definitely not F worthy.

My sGPA is now a 3.22 and cGPA is a 3.42. The rest of my application is strong (many years of healthcare volunteer experience, CPhT, lots of pharmacy technician experience, 90+ PCAT with 95+ scores in bio and chem). Even now my application isn't awful but I'm still pretty upset.

Anyone have any advice besides 'suck it up'?
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