Pharm Recall vs. USMLE Roadmap: Pharmacology


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Feb 24, 2008
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    hi everyone,

    i'm debating which book i should use for pharm step preparation. I heard both of these book are good. So, may i have your opinion and reason why you chose one over the other. Thank you very much.


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    Apr 7, 2003
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      I have Pharm Recall....and its useful for cramming especially with their free audio files and a chapter on power review. The good thing about it is that it came out last year and has the latest drugs on the market, as know are usually tested. Roadmap is a much older edition, but I am guessing its more for understanding pharm.
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      Jul 4, 2005
        I've wasted my money on both of these books. Well, I shouldn't say wasted. They are both actually good books. Don't make the mistake and buy both like me. You'll end up having too many resources and wasting time reading the same stuff. I actually was surprised about the USMLE Roadmap book, and I prefer that one. A little more concise than the Recall book because it isn't in Q&A format, but if you like the Q&A format, then Recall is your book. I like the outline format of the USMLE Roadmap book. There are some nice diagrams in there on dopamine receptors too. If you end up getting the Recall book 2nd edition like I did, skip the audio. You can read faster than what you hear on the audio files. When I tried those, it was just slowing me down anyway.
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