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Jun 21, 2008
  1. Pre-Pharmacy
    I've just graduated with a ba in bs ie. philosophy. Why u ask. Who knows? Anyways, I've decided to do what my family has told me to do from the get go, pharm school.

    My question(s) is as far as my GPA from my philo degree goes it is a 3.0. But, all my science classes were A's/B's. Also, I'm missing some/many prereqs so I would have to go get those. If I do very well A's/B's on the rest of my prereqs (Calc/Physics/Chem/OChem etc) will the pharm school's admissions put more weight on my science class grades than my overall GPA?

    Also, considering I need to fulfill these prereqs, would it be better, worse, or neutral if I completed the units at a local J.C. or if I completed them at a state college. Also, if my GPA is not going to be competitive would it be advisable to just go back and get my masters in Chem or Bio?

    Alot of questions I know, but I'd appreciate any and all answers.....Thanks!


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    Apr 12, 2008
    1. Pharmacy Student
      From the looks of it, you need to take a lot of pre-reqs! I can't really answer your question about where to take your pre-reqs at.

      In PharmCAS (application), a "science" GPA and "regular" GPA is separately calculated. It is of my opinion that schools will look at your science GPA much more heavily in making admission decisions while making sure your overall GPA meets a minimum requirement.

      From what I have read, a masters in a science will not really help you. But if you mean earning a B.S., that isn't something to worry about right now.

      I think what you need to do is take those pre-reqs, do extremely well in them, and apply for pharmacy school. If you don't make it the first time, you might consider earning a science B.S. and re-applying.

      Don't lose hope! It can be done!


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      Jun 21, 2008
      1. Pre-Pharmacy
        You could apply to a program that looks solely on the pre- professional requirements (University of Florida).

        I don't think it matters whether you take the classes at a JC or state college, the thing that matters is that the grade you get is good. :)
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