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Jul 13, 2004
Well I haven't started yet, but the decks will hopefully do it for me. 1 wk to go? Plenty of time.
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Nov 27, 2010
Im getting worried with paharma Ive read Tufts review and I think Mosbys on pharma is like alien klingon , what percentage is pharma? I cant seem to find it on the ndbe 2 guide. i understand coumadin, Local anesthetics , pecentage,etc etfc but thers alot of material. I remmber in past nbde part 2 guide , they mentioned questions per subject, I cant seem to find that in the nbde guide now.. ??

Update: I found the new ada update and found paharma is only 31 questions...eeww that was close, alot of material for 31 questions...
I printed out some pharma review notes from dental school,lets see how that goes.

days before christmas and Im off to take the test!!!
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