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Pharmacy School With the Best Passing Rate

Hey everyone,

I was wondering, for anyone who has ever looked into it or knows,
which pharmacy school in California or Nevada has the highest passing rate?

When I say passing I mean, getting into the school and making it through the whole thing and getting the degree in pharmacy. Not dropping out. I am not just talking about the test at the end's passing rate. I am talking about passing pharmacy school as a whole and making it through the whole thing. In other words, the lowest drop out rate.

I am considering the following schools and out of these schools which one has the highest passing rate:

California Northstate College of Pharmacy (California)
Loma Linda University (California)
Toura University California (California)
University of the Pacific (California)
Western University of Health Sciences (California)
Roseman University of Health Sciences (Nevada)

Please let me know and if possible rank them in order.
I tried doing some research on it, but I keep getting mixed information on it.
Thank you in advanced!
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Doctor of Comic Relief
Oct 3, 2013
  1. Pharmacist
    Pass rate is also how much effort you put into it

    Lol. This x 1,000.

    There are no gimmes in pharmacy school. If you want an easy degree with a high earning potential --> business school.

    Otherwise, pick the place you like the best (and can afford), and strap in. Once this thing hits 80, you're going to see some serious....
    i'm just curious,
    i would rather go to a school who has more students passing than failing out.
    that's all guys. i know its not going to be easy, but if i could i would rather choose a school which i know passes more of its students (usually)

    radio frequency

    Full Member
    7+ Year Member
  • Dec 18, 2012
    1. Pharmacist
      The schools want you to pass. It's of no benefit to them if you fail, because that means lost tuition dollars.

      I really don't think this is worth worrying about. The people I've known who didn't pass usually had extenuating life circumstances and had to stay behind a year.

      It's not going to be easy; you'll have to work your butt off no matter what, but if you do, you'll pass.
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