PhD in Epidemiology: School of Public Health vs Dept of Prev Med?

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Mar 6, 2017
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Can anyone speak to their experiences or knowledge about getting a PhD in epidemiology at a school of public health versus in a department of preventative medicine at a medical school?

Degree seeking: PhD in Epi (currently have MPH in Epi from Columbia)
Accepted: UW (SPH), UCLA (SPH), USC (Dept of PM)

I'm primarily interested in getting strong epi methods and biostats training. Research interests are in cancer epidemiology, pharmacoepi, & health services research. UW and UCLA are more established and larger epi programs in well-known schools of public health; USC is a tiny program in the Dept of Prev Medicine at Keck, but seems to be strong in research. Anticipating less of a focus on "public health" at USC, and more of a focus on straight epi research. All three schools have good faculty. Unsure about the differences in post-graduation opportunities between programs.

Are there other differences between degree programs that are important to consider? Know anything else about these 3 schools? Other thoughts or advice?

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