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Jun 15, 2002
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OK, it's really late at night of course it's time for my philosophical ramblings...but I do have a question, though it may seem a little strange. I found out today that a girl I know (who seems basically perfect all around) just got accepted to one of the top MD/PhD programs in the country...and I'm happy for her, seriously.

But I do wonder what I'm doing in this process if it sometimes doesn't seem like I can contribute anything other than what other people can. I don't want to sound like I HAVE to be incredibly unique...but I'm not the smartest person I know, nor the most adventurous, nor the most outgoing or friendliest...and I definitely don't want to be mediocre at what I do.

This girl I was talking about has the same majors as I do, but she also has done many years of research, some great international work and a lot of other very admirable the fact that she is considered beautiful and very much a people-person doesn't hurt! It's just making me question if I can ever "catch up" in this process...I just found out today that the internship I wanted for next semester was already filled months ago...and it always seems that I am behind in every area...

Sorry, this is probably just my pessimistic/depressive personality kicking in...which also doesn't make me feel that I'm a great fit for med school...but what do you guys think about what you can contribute to the medical profession? Do people with better "images" or stats sometimes make you feel inferior?

OK, maybe I shouldn't have gone into such personal detail...just chalk it up to late-night ranting...



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Nov 16, 2002
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everyone has something to contribute. Sure, you may not be the next Nobel prize winner, but that doesn't mean you're useless, or not suited to a medical career. I think the key is to make sure you are involved in lots of different activities until you figure out just what your strengths are talents are.

Comparing yourself to someone else is not the best thing to do (especially late at night).