Aug 3, 2009
Pre-Rehab Sci [General]
Does any student PT or licensed PT have any experience or know of any specific travel job or staffing agencies. I am looking to travel and/or placement assistance through an agency. There are soo many and all seem the same. Same job opportunities. Same benefits package. I just want to work with one the has integrity and works with me in a professional manner. Thanks for your feedback.


10+ Year Member
Dec 29, 2008
I am a traveling PT who had these same thoughts and questions. I started an online community of traveling therapists to answer these questions and more. It is a company and recruiter-free zone, so you can know that every bit of information is provided by the only people who can give you an unbiased answer... other therapists.

We have over 900 members and an active forum for you to post your questions. Likely, you will already find that another 10 people have asked the same questions and the answers already await you. From tax implications, ratings of the companies and facilities, best practices, etc. seeks to help you and all therapists out!

Its all free and ready for you to use.