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pimp questions

Discussion in 'Medical Students - MD' started by Justin4563, Sep 9, 2001.

  1. Justin4563

    Justin4563 Banned Banned

    May 19, 2001
    New Jersey
    Here is some good pimpatage...

    what is the hallmark of stage 3b ca of cervix??


    im which patients is succinylcholine not indicated


    Name four signs of the Acute ABdomen

    What is TEnesmus?


    Are beta blockers indicated in CHF?


    If Standard amoxicillin therapy fails for otitis media, what would be next in line to treat?

    why is heart rate higher in infants vis a vis adults????
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  3. Fah-Q

    Fah-Q Senior Member 10+ Year Member

    Jul 16, 2001
    I can answer a few:

    Patients on cholinesterase inhibitors should not receive succinylcholine.

    Beta blockers can be used in CHF. I believe the drug is called carvedilol. It is used along with traditional diuretics, vasodilators, and glycosides.

    If you have an unresponsive OM its probably resistant Strep. pneumo. You can add clavulanic acid or switch to a trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole combo or go with a 2nd or 3rd generation cephalosporin.
  4. Djanaba

    Djanaba Senior Member 10+ Year Member

    May 4, 2000
    Minneapolis, MN
    Tenesmus is the feeling of incomplete evacuation after a bowel movement, which may be caused by remaining fecal matter, a polyp, internal hemorrhoids, or frank cancer. It is also described as a constant feeling of the need to defecate.

    Why the pimping? Just for fun? Bring it on, man, because goodness knows we don't get enough of this out on the wards! Grr! ;)

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