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Aug 3, 2011
Pre-Health (Field Undecided)
I'm currently in my senior year of HS and I'm planning to become a dental hygienist. My goal: to finish pre-requisites at Santiago Canyon College (close to my home) and then transfer to an accredited DH program (considering between Cypress, University of Pacific, or USC). Do you know of any other good DH programs? I plan to enter a 2 year associate degrees program, but I'm thinking of aiming for a 4 year bachelor's degree, because I would like to have teaching opportunities in the future.
Anyways, I'm looking for any kind of helpful advice. Also, what is the highest level of math needed to become a dental hygienist? Calculus?
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Mar 10, 2010
Prerequisites differ by school so you would have to do some research to find out what level of math is required. Calculus is not required for any of the schools around here.

As far as finding a good school, you can start by going to www.ada.org for a list of programs by state. Then to find which is the best ask dentists and office managers in your area what schools the good hygienists went to.
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