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Aug 12, 2015
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Hi everyone, so this is a follow up thread to the one posted earlier since I just got wonderful news back from my ophthalmology research PI for an actual clinical research. He is optimistic that it will be in time for write up before application season next year.

Still I am having doubts myself. I am wondering had anyone in the past matched the SF ophthalmology match with categorical IM as backup? Is this still a possible option? I know people in ortho attempted ortho, urology match and used general surgery categorical match as a backup. Is this possible with ophthalmology?

The reason is I am an international student in a US med school. My school is a mid-low tier med school with no home program. We have roughly 3-5 ophthalmology matches per year out of almost 200 students so you can imagine it is a small niche. Also I could only apply for 30 programs that offers H1B. FREIDA Residency Program Database | Medical Fellowship Database | AMA Looks like most are top programs. I just want to get a stable job now especially with COVID and everything. I cannot afford to go back home or do a research year.

My stats are Step1 260+, decent volunteer and leadership experiences, publications 10+, mostly before med school (I had a master and worked 2 years) but nothing in ophthalmology yet. Currently half way through MS3 and reaching out to 2 optho doctors. Just got a word back from one of my research PI that a project was just submitted to IRB and can potentially work out before application season open in 2021.

Thanks in advance!

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