Plants and Taxonomy on the OAT


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May 10, 2020
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Hey, I'm just curious on how much I should stress on the minute details covered in the AP Bio Cliffsnotes book (which is what I'm using to study for biology). In terms of plants, should I be more concerned with the overall picture? For example, what the epidermis, cortex, xylem, and phloem are? Or should I also be concerned with things like palisade mesophyll, photoperiodism, etc.? As for taxonomy, at what level should I study it? Down to every phyllum in each kingdom? Because I just took the kaplan practice exam and this was one of the questions.

"Mosses and liverworts, simple plants that live in moist places, lack xylem, and possess few specialized tissues are in division... A. Bryophyta B. Tracheophyta C. Lycophyta D. Pterophyta E. Coniferophyta" This question is strictly based on memorizing every division so it worries me. Please let me know!

Also I plan on reading Ferralis's notes afterwards but I thought cliffsnotes were easier to read beforehand.
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