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Budding dentist

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Feb 5, 2007
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.....hii well ive gotten hold of the 2004 kaplan material ...just wanted to know..how should i go about studyin...should i start of withthe decks and solve papers? and refer to the theory material if i have any doubts? or should i first read the kaplan theory materialand then do the decks and question papers....the theory material seems quite huge..it would take me months to read up the theory!....also do i need any text books besides kaplan material? i wanna do the decks atleast 2 or 3 times before i give the exam...plan to give it in august....how many hrs do i need to put in a day...i have coll 9 to 5......also i heard the new format has clinical based questions where they give you a scenario and few questions based on the scenario..is it necessary to brush up on medecine and pharmac to be able to answer these quiestions?....for those who have given the new pattern exam please advise me regardin this.....has anyone heard of nbd part 1 secret study guide?...is it useful...please let me know..thanx so much...hope to hear from someone soon!


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Jul 25, 2006
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well,u read decks first,later kaplan and if u have time, u can refer few basics
from text books.
then if ur confident,take up old xms and asses where u need to concentrate more.lastly as u said give 2-3 readings of decks.
go through atlas and diagrams ,for new pattern .
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