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Please any feedback of USMLEasy????????????


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Apr 21, 2004
    Today I started with those questions and my scores are scattered. Please if someone is doing those questions or has done them already I'd like to know your feedback, scores, correlation with q bank etc.


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    Nov 19, 2000
      I've done some Q blocks along with some of my class material. I've also done some Q bank. USMLEasy are less vignette style and much more straight forward, but they sometimes ask about nit-picky $hit that I just don't know. I agree, the scores are rather variable and scattered.
      Overall, I'd say use it for more questions and as a learning tool and not something to correlate with Qbank or to the actual USMLE. It is FREE, so I guess you get what you pay for!
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      Aug 15, 2003
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        souljah1 said:
        i thought usmleasy sucked.

        for questions i would use webpath, qbank, robbins, and the nbme self assessments. if i used usmleasy at all, it would be for the cell bio sorts of questions.

        Agreed. I worked about 20 questions on usmleasy and felt like I was completely wasting my time. Questions are too simple (as in "one-neuron questions") and some are completely outlandish. The Q sources mentioned by souljah are much, much better.


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        Apr 21, 2004
          Thanks guys for the feedback. When I started with these questions I felt bad b/c my scores were scattered and some questions like you said were so picky/stupid and not the contemp format. During the following blocks more than 30% of repetitive questions :mad: . Then at one point I realized that the questions were made more than 15 years ago. One of them was asking prognostic prevalence for lung cancer for 1995!!! :eek: as if the question had been made in early 90s, or who knows when :(
          Conclusions, guys, USMLeasy questions don't even worth 99c (at the 99c only stores) :thumbdown:
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