Please help/advice - Apply to Optho residency after not matching derm?


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Aug 19, 2008
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To Whomever,

I am an applicant who may not match into derm; only got a few interviews. I understand it is incredibly competitive, but at the flip side, I may have opportunity to either pursue derm again or try for another residency, namely interested in optho, during match cycle (next year) of my PGY1 year. I know this is premature, but given the possibility of not matching, I need to plan ahead. Is this feasible?

My stats
Step 1: 237
Honor: Surg, Neuro
NH: IM, Psy
P: Ob/Gyn, FM, Ped
2 pubs (1 first author Derm, 1 second author ENT) in famous journals, another in process
6 total research projects
multiple presentation, 3 national conferences
relationship with reputable optho attending
other ECs

Basically, is this feasible (apply into match as PGY1), particularly in optho? What unique hurdles will I face?
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