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Please help me decide! P, m, & r....


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Apr 4, 2012
  1. Medical Student
    So, I graduated last year undergrad and have been applying to PT schools. Today I got an interview at st aug in San Diego. Tonight I was doing a lot of soul searching thinking wtf am I gonna do?? I love rehab and the clinical side of it, but guess what I don't like? 89k tuition for a person from Louisiana .. Umm. So tonight I happened upon pmr which is funny because I thought about doing that as a freshman. But as time went on in my kinesiology degree led me to PT. but now tonight as I'm researching and my brain is spinning in circles, I have this rediculous idea. I wonder if I should bite the bullet and try to go to med school. One of the things that led me away from med school a long time ago was seeing my brother, a surgeon, doing his hellish residency. Now he's in his 7th yr and made ties with Baylor in Dallas and is doing well. Pmr sounds like they do some of the same **** that Pts do and still have a pretty good life and make lots more money. Not to mention education is sometimes cheaper at med school. My brother is over 200k in debt though and he went to LSUhsc instate so that scares me a bit. I didn't take calculus, micro , organic, biochem, or genetics but have all other pre reqs. Is it even worth it? I have a bad gpa too, 3.2/3.0 I'm amazed st Augustine even invited me for an interview. My LOR were great though. Is there something I'm missing about pmr? Or do they actually have tons of secret stress and secret low pay ?? Please aware me. I don't know what I should do!

    Sent from my iPhone using SDN Mobile app I will accept any pt school at this point. I cannot sleep
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