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Jun 15, 2020
    Hello! I am new here. I am from india and in highschool. I wanna become a doctor. I would love to learn from you all.
    Can you all tell me how much do you study or used to study everyday? I lose my concentration very fast amd also I am not regular at studies. Please can you give me some advice.

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    Feb 5, 2020
    1. Medical Student
      I spent about 4 hours every weekday, 8 hours on Saturday, and rested my brain on Sunday. Repeated this for about 4-5 months, until I took the test.

      With that being said, when I started college, I had about 20 friends who started out as pre-med, and that number dropped to 4 by the end of college. Those who dropped out of the pre-med track regret wasting money and time for the MCAT because they realized too late that medicine was not the right field for them. And there's nothing wrong with being flexible about your future goal. Since you're in high school, you shouldn't worry about the MCAT and focus more on exploring other fields. As you get more exposed to medicine, whether it's through friendly doctor's appointments or shadowing, you'll get closer to realizing whether medicine is the right field for you.
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