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Discussion in 'General International Discussion' started by Junaid, Aug 23, 2000.

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    Aug 22, 2000
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    I am requesting from anyone who has been to or knows anything about Iberamerican University (UNIBE), Santo Domingo, Domminican Republic. I am a Canadian student who has just finished high school and I have heard from people that you can finish pre-med and med school studies with in 5 years. Is this program any good. I am an immigrant of U.S and after completing this am planning to do residency in the States. So I just want to know if this program is good and if anyone knows about how many people (in percentage) pass parts one, two and three of USMLE. And also what percentage of this schools graduates get residency. Please e-mail me with any information, that you may be able to provide me of this university. Thanks for (at least) reading my message.

    Junaid A. Khan
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  2. Junaid,

    I want to advise you to really check out how many years this school has been in existence, and talk to some students at this school. Find out if they have any placement in US Allopathic residencies also. I've heard of schools that just sell MD degrees out there, and I don't think its that far fetched. You will be in really bad shape if you come to the states and you can't pass the USMLE. So, in short, find out if they have any doctors, and examine the "end product," if you will. That proves that they are a competent school and they can produce results. Otherwise, find a school that has been producing doctors for a few years (ie. SABA, SGU, etc.) and try to get in at one of those schools. Actually, I've heard that SGU is the best. And I know a guy that graduated from there, he is now in the states doing his residency in FP. If you want, I can hook you up with his e-mail address. Good luck!

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    UNIBE has excellent physical facilities with generally quite good basic sciences. The selling of degrees at UNIBE has never been an issue, and in general all of the med schools DR since CONES, the educational authority, has made this very improbabale.

    There is a big mix of students at UNIBE from everywhere to druggy slackers to very bright and motivated, from quite many nations including US, Canada, Mid East, Africa, PR, and elsewhere.

    As for USMLE #s, this is a game since at UNIBE the admissions standards are lax, so the lower end of the admitted class cause USMLE #s that reflect this. In other words, more get in than make it through.

    UNIBE clinicals are in the DR, though you can potentially get some elsewhere. In DR clinicals you MUST know Spanish to get along well. DR medicine is very hands on medicine, and you will thus get excellent exposure that is not possible in the US in these regards. It is the DR, and is thus is not first-world. All serious US resident who made USMLEs passages that I am aware of have gotten US residencies coming from UNIBE.

    If you go, expect to partake deeply of the culture there--positiveis and negatives, and all both of that entails, or you will be miserable. Expect also to be bi-lingual when you leave.

    This all is bsed on very reputable hearsay--from students and a professor there. I myself have yet to go to the DR.

    UTESA has a similar Eng/Span program. UCE, in all Spanish, allows you to take tests in English.


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