MD Please help my school list (523/3.95)

Oct 14, 2011
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Obviously the clinical shadowing hours (lack thereof) are going to hurt (any primary care?). I'm also not clear with your non-clinical volunteering in a hospital setting. That said, your metrics are awesome, and I think once you get your clinical exposure hours and clarification of your food bank hours, you could be able to apply to more schools.
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Apr 12, 2018
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If you're gunning for top schools, you should wait a year and double or better yet, triple your clinical and nonclinical hours. As you are, you're OK for most midtiers. @Goro's got a list of schools that really like high-stat applicants like yourself; I've seen WashU on lists of schools like that. Good luck.
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Jun 11, 2010
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I am a rising senior and currently planning on applying only to MD schools. I would very appreciate your feedback or suggestions about my school list.

cGPA: 3.95, sGPA: 3.93
MCAT: 523
Major: Chemistry
Residence: Ohio
Ethnicity: Asian Female
Undergraduate: Public
Research: Worked in a basic science lab since freshman year for a total of 1500+ hours. Have had one in-school summer and a one-year research grants. No publications.
Shadowing: 36 hours so far. Plan to add 30 more hours in my senior year.
Clinical experience: At a free clinic for 13 hours, a nursing home for 96 hours, and a hospital for 40 hours
Non-clinical Volunteering: 143 hours in a hospital and a food bank
Other Activities/Leadership: General Chemistry Teaching Assistant 560+ hours. Lifeguard 46 hours.
Immediate family members in medicine? : No
School list:
Ohio State
Wright State-Boonshoft
Case Western Reserve
Mount Sinai-Icahn

Your stats deserve some upper class schools. But for them, you're going ot need ot double your EC hours. I suggest taking a gap year. Your clinical exposure and non-clinical volunteering are too cookie cutter. The app screams lab rat, and you deserve better. If you're a Buckeye, have ALL OH schools on your list!
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