Please help! Question regarding my 5 yr undergrad and being a transfer student


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Apr 19, 2004
Sacramento, CA
I'm wondering if anyone has had problems getting into medical school coming from a junior college.

Quick bio:
I went to a JC for 3 years before transferring to UC Davis (as a junior). My grades were good (3.7 GPA) but I just had to take a lot of prereqs because I came from a private Christian high school that didn't give much opportunity to excel in bio, physics, chem and math. So I basically started at the bottom at a JC... After transferring to UC Davis, I majored in Neurobiology Physiology and Behavior with a 3.67 overall GPA after graduating with lots of research, some clinical experience and 1 publication (second author). My BCMP GPA is approximately 3.6. After a 26R on the April 2004 MCAT (10P 9B 7V), I am retaking April 2005.

So with my 5 year undergrad, which I took about 12-16 units per semester/quarter, am I at a disadvantage? I know some people that have in 5 years have graduated with a double major... They've done 2 majors in the time it took me to do 1.

Any feedback will be appreciated.