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Jan 2, 2009
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This site is great, I've gotten so much info about programs and I can't believe I just got into it. I interviewed at a few programs and I really wish I came here first.

I have a question and I am hoping any current residents/fellows/students can help.

I have an interview at UT-Houston for Categorical Medicine near the end of this month. I can only go on about 2 more interviews - the other one at Utah I am going to for sure but I don't have much info about the program in Houston.

Anybody interview there have opinions/thoughts? The website gives info, but I wanted to know general impressions from current residents and applicants and if I should go.

Thanks - Happy New Year to all!


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Sep 25, 2006
bumpin this up, as I haven't found a fairly recent or detailed review from a UT-H resident or recent interviewee. Thanks!
Dec 8, 2009
I recently interviewed at UT-Houston.

Pros : The residents and PD seemed to be very nice, and were more available for questions than some other programs that i've interviewed at. I could also tell that the residents actually got along, and were friends as well. Herman memorial hospital is in the medical center area, which is an amazing part of town, with all these really nice hospitals, and the hospital itself is very nice. The program seems to be more stable than the other big name program in town which is currently undergoing financial problems, faculty leaving, and a recent loss of a clinical site. The president of Texas heart is UT-Houston Trained, which to them translates to a preference at the institution for those looking for Cards Fellowship (if this is true in reality is unknown to me)

Cons : LBJ is their general hospital, and its located far away from the medical center district (15-20 minutes). according to the residents you can have continuity clinic at either LBJ or Herman, which would be inconvenient if you were on rotation at Herman, and had to go to LBJ for clinic or vice versa It also will not have the volume of Ben Taub (not that many other hospitals in the country do). public transportation in Houston is terrible, and most residents have to drive to work ( important for me since I would like to walk or take public transportation to my hospital) Does not have the prestige or fellowship placement of the "other" program in town, which wouldnt matter but when I asked a few residents this bothered them.

Overall though, I believe you would get a quality education here, but may have to work harder to get good fellowships. Just my two cents, if you have any additional questions just PM me.
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