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Please help - what should I do about summer classes


New Member
May 9, 2020
  1. Pre-Medical
Hello all -

I am hoping to get some advice on classes. My GPA at my current school is a 3.4 which I know is a bit low to apply to medical school. I was hoping to apply not this cycle but the next one and am looking to improve this before that time. My question is how it looks to med schools if I take some of my science classes at a different university than my own? I attend a very competitive undergrad as a student athlete and I opted to take organic at a state school last year over the summer. It was the absolute easiest class I have taken in my undergraduate career.

Would it look bad to go back to the state school this summer and take 2-3 science classes there this summer? It is a 4 year state university and I was thinking about taking Genetics, microbio or ecology - all classes I have never previously taken? I was also considering taking one of the classes I struggled with at my university and attempting to do better in it at another school. Does this look bad to medical schools? I am not allowed to transfer in any more credits to my home institution so they would not be on the transcript from my home school. It is a cheaper way for me to take a few science classes and boost my science GPA and I have a much better shot of getting all As in these classes compared to my home institution.

Let me know your thoughts
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