Please please please help me!!!

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Jul 15, 2007
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Please give me your honest opinion on whether or not I have a shot at a US MD school...

Residency: Illinois

2.8 GPA


4.0 GPA (hopefully graduate with magna cum laude)
(Mississippi College Masters in Medical Sciences, 1 of 4 students out of 104 students total to graduate program with 4.0 while taking the maximum courseload... courses meant to mimic medical school level, our dean/ one of our professors is adjunct gross anatomy professor at univ of mississippi medical school, another professor is US MD with degree from u of mississippi medical school.. i took neuroanatomy, gross anatomy, histology, medical physiology, pharmacology, and presentation seminar)

**I'm only telling you about my professors so you know how legit the program is, and the strength of my LOR's... I cannot apply to UMiss for medical school because they only take instate residents

4 very strong letters (2 Ph.D's and 2 M.D.s)
1 strong letter (non science course)

Undergrad/ past EC's:
President- (New Life Volunteering Society) chartered pre-health volunteering chapter, president for 2 yrs

Medical Mission Coordinator- (Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children). helped send over 75 students abroad on medical missions trips

Medical Mission Volunteer- Volunteered in Costa Rica

University of Illinois 2007-2008 Outstanding Student Service- individual recognition for my community service during my jr/ sr year of college

UofI 2006-2007 Outstanding Student Organization Service Award - recognition to the club i was president of for our community service

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Aide- Fulltime for 8 weeks, tons of patient contact, designated my own patients who i was given a list of exercises/ therapy to complete (worked on longterm basis with patients)

Laboratory Intern- university of illinois at chicago medical school, nothing spectacular, mostly observation and running protocol experiments

Big Brother Volunteer- 2 years

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Apr 27, 2007
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I think your numbers need some work. I'd consider retaking the classes you did poorly in and applying DO.