Please Post on the International Board--It is a matter of DO pride

Discussion in 'Medical Students - DO' started by Wannabe Doc, Mar 11, 2001.

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    I started a topic called "Caribbean vs. Osteopathic" on the international and osteopathic boards, to get some honest advice about some concerns I had. I do not have these concerns anymore, and I am set on going osteopathic.
    I just got a reply, by jenavari, to the topic in the International board, and I think that Jenavari needs to be educated about the osteopathic profession.
    All osteopaths please go educate him/her about our noble profession.
    The topic is in the international room.
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    Don't reply to these post. He must defend his status at SGU because of his insecurities about being inferior to american trained doctors. When we have to defend the DO profession, it makes us look insecure. The quality of the profession speaks for itself, and dosn't need to be defended for pride.
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  3. WD, don't sweat it. There are always these losers around. Reality will hit when he applies for residency. You will find that it is always the most insecure MDs (US or FMG) that have a problem with DOs. I think this behavior is really rare now. When it does occur, it is usually from the state medical student from Nowheresville that only needed a pulse to get in or from the FMG. You never see a Harvard or UCSF medical student bashing DOs. Good luck. You made a wise decision. Here is my response to that loser:

    I think the real question is not what the letters behind your name are, rather the quality of the insitutions you train at. I am a US Allopathic Grad at UC Davis. We have several DOs here and hardly any FMGs. This depsite the fact that we receive about 100 times more applications from FMGs.

    Everyone knows that all you need is a pulse to get into SGUSOM. There are fine graduates of the program but they are few and far between. Nearly 100 % of DOs get US Residencies. What percentage of your class that started the first year at SGUSOM wound up getting US residencies. Tell us all what you need to do in order to practice medicine in CA. Give me a break. I don't advocate bashing of FMGs (look at my past posts), in fact I have defended FMGs on many occassions. But for you to call DOs second-class compared to your Island MD is laughable and disgusting. The education at Caribbean schools pale in comparison to the standards at US MD or DO schools. Don't pretend not to know the difficulties many FMGs face in obtaining residencies. Please don't lump yourself in the category of US MD. You were saved by a law that allowed FMGs to call themselves MDs. DOs in California could have choosen to have the MD as well but they opted not to and fought for the right to maintain their separate but equal degree.

    Get your facts straight, loser!!! If you made it a habit of doing your research before you ran your mouth, maybe you would have gotten into a US school instead of going to the Carribean.

    Everyone residency automatically tosses the FMG application unless it is a really weak residency. Please provide us with the match list from SGUSOM. At UC Davis we have several DOs in residency (Neurosurgery, General Surgery, IM, FP, etc...) Please share with us about the wonderful opportunties afforded the FMG.

    Bottom line: FMGs can make excellent physicians but you are certainly in no position to criticize US trained physicians be it DO or MD.

    P.S. We automatically toss the FMG grad application. The ones I have reviewed often had to spend a few years after medical school to get qualified to even apply for residency. I don't recall any DO applications needing this. Please share with us what Neurosurgery program you've matched at. What hospital are you at and what type of residency, you big 'first class' FMG.

    Lastly, I dreamed of going to medical school in the US. In my worst nightmares I would wake-up in a cold sweat and realize I was in a foreign country with no friends and family by my side. What are the big 'NJ' and 'NY' hospitals? Probably UMDNJ, which is filled by FMGs sympathetic to your cause, or the US MD who is just patronizing you. Please get back to us when you find out where you match for residency.

    Also, why are you so defensive? We all know exactly why!!! The joys you will have in obtaining residency will be punishment enough. Good luck, Dr. 'first-class'. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Dr. Patel, 'Real' M.D.

    UC Davis Medical Center

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