Please rate my school list!


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Mar 13, 2020
  1. Pre-Medical
    I'm applying to these 23 schools + all of my in state Ohio schools, please critique my list! Thank you
    My stats are:
    GPA- 3.8
    MCAT- 526
    Volunteer- EMT, 800 hours. Free clinic lab volunteer, 100 hours. Food bank, 100 hours
    Research- weak, 1 year, 1 poster and 1 small grant. 200 hours
    Leadership- president of an emergency medicine club
    Shadowing- 1 primary care doc, 40 hours
    Demographics- Ohio resident, white male, from an under served rural community

    School list is attached as an image and also pasted here:
    T10 Schools- Kaiser, Stanford, UCLA David Geffen, UC San Francisco, WUSTL, NYU(Grossman), Perelman, Columbia
    T25 Schools- Cornell, Yale, University of Michigan, Northwestern, Baylor, Pittsburgh, Pritzker, Emory
    T60 Schools- Miami Leonard, USF Morsani, Boston, Georgetown, Wake Fores,t George Washington, Colorado


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