podiatry and physical therapy

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  1. I have heard that physical therapists are doing alot of work that podiatrists do. For instance, alot of the conservative methods used to treat plantar fasciitis are being done by physical therapists. They now tape feet, give splints and orthotics, casts, and other things. Is this a concern for podiatrists and the profession?

    Would like to hear what you guys think?
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    what you have heard is true. we also do diabetic wound care, sharp debridement, nail clipping, etc. i don't think it is a great concern for podiatrists since podiatrists and PTs work together at the hospital i work at (share the same foot clinic). i also have a good friend who is a podiatric surgeon and he has good working relationships with many PTs, and finally i'm working with some podiatrists on a research project so at least there is no hostility between the professions (that i have seen).

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